Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lifting Up

   Sometimes I sit at my computer and begin to watch my shows. Shows that somehow bring the angels closer to the surface and much more accessible. They bring our energies up and ready to receive that connection.
   If anyone reads or follows my posts they know that my life moves in seasons. At one time I'll be reading up on Shinto, at another time I'll  be connecting to spirits of the land, then we'll come full circle back to the angels. And they understand this for me. Currently I am not sure what I am focusing on with the angels. All I know is that they are back and will probably be hounding me over something or other. Yes, the angels can be hounding. And yeas, they can be exacting and a bit pushy. Yet they are still going to be there with you to support you.

  Still not sure where they'll take my eyes and focus me. We'll see.

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