Saturday, October 12, 2013

Angels know what you NEED

  There is a certain attitude in magickal practitioners that has been around for a very long time. It originates all the way back to the summoners of angels. The practitioner would draw their symbols, do their chants, cast and presto! Angel. They summoned the angel they desired, even if it was not the angel they needed.

  Some practitioners get into searching for their guides and angels as a way of connecting with themselves or their needs. But once in awhile the preconception of the person can get int the way of the messages, energy, and angels they really need. For instance, a friend of mine has been seeking to connect with archangel Michael. I suggested techniques and ways to connect, but further on in the conversation the motivations emerged. My friend is a very active, fiery energy with obvious masculine tendencies. He wanted to connect with Michael because he thought they would be compatible. Plus he really wanted to see the big flaming sword. Well I let it be. The next day I was in a chat with him and a few other people and felt urged to give angel readings. My friend's turn came. Turns out that this wasn't the right time to connect with Michael. What the angels wanted to tell him was that he needed to connect with angels of humility, mercy, and compassion at the time to help balance his active energies.
   This bring me to the topic at hand. Sometimes we think we know what we need. The angels definitely know what we need. So when you ask the angels for guidance, you can and should always ask for what you need at the time. Because even if you don't know, they do.

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